Event Mobile Application

Your event guide is now digital

We have created a mobile application (Android + IOS) which can help the attendees reach the event location with easy navigation. QR scanning is a easy way to connect with the attendees, Just scan the QR code from the attendee badge, the application will remember that you have met the person in the event. QR Badges has also become an easy access to event premises.

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Patient Management

We have created a mobile application (Android + IOS) which can store the data offline and then sync when the network is available. QR scanning is a easy way to find the patient information, Just scan the QR code from the patient card, the entire patient history will be displayed. This app includes the GPS tracker and admin can track the van location.


In order to create an online ecommerce platform for selling bags, we first had to determine what our target market was and who our potential customers were. we began to work on the design of the website. We wanted to make sure that the website was user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Document Parser Tool

We have developed a document parser tool that can read and extract data from PDFs, Word docs, and other common document formats. This tool can be used to create reports, populate databases, and more.





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