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Data Science AI & ML

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Area of Expertise:

Predictive and Recommendation Systems

Examine various data sets to uncover significant insights, gaining clarity over the current situation and primary challenges. Facilitate time series analysis, customer classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, performance enhancement, and fraud detection solutions within your business infrastructure. Supervise your assets to meet cybersecurity and physical security goals. Forecast the quality, maintenance, revenue, or future developments of factors that directly or indirectly impact your business. Customize the user experience to make the product intuitive and personalized for all users, whether they are your employees or an external target group.


Computer Vision

Optical Character Recognition for extracting text from images. Image Analysis for processing visual features from images, including objects, faces, adult content, and auto-generated text descriptions. Facial recognition solutions for detecting, recognizing, and analyzing human faces in various scenarios such as identity verification, touchless access control, and face blurring for privacy. Spatial Analysis for examining the presence and movement of people in a video feed, producing events that other systems can react to. Object detection for identifying instances of a specific class within an image. Image processing for capturing, classifying, extracting, validating, and exporting images. Video stream processing.


Natural Language Processing

  • Advanced texts, speech, and cognitive analytics
  • Structured and unstructured data analysis
  • Chatbots, Digital Assistants
  • Text generation
  • Sentiment analysis

Data Mining and Analytics

  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Clustering
  • Pattern Detection
  • Statistical Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Why Opt for Apptroid's AI/ML Services?

We deliver artificial intelligence solutions that possess human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, and self-improvement, without requiring pre-programming of the software. Our approach to AI and Data Science projects stands apart from traditional methodologies used in software delivery projects.
Apptroid can help to kickstart AI capabilities or bridge data and analytics gaps for companies that lack internal expertise or are hesitant to hire new talent until the benefits of AI are demonstrated.
At Apptroid, we emphasize research and deliver comprehensive solutions, beginning with Solution Design and culminating in the deployment of the ML model and its integration into the client's existing or newly developed environment