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Big Data

Apptroid has achieved proficiency in managing large data sets, transforming them into potent business instruments. Leveraging top-tier Big Data technologies, the Apptroid team constructs strategic solutions that align perfectly with our clients' objectives. Our proficiency in Big Data software development encompasses:


Data Storage

Many of our clients approached us seeking solutions for storing, managing, and retrieving vast quantities of data. We assist them in selecting the most suitable and efficient storage method based on the volume, velocity, and diversity of their data. Our Big Data storage solutions accommodate all kinds of structured or unstructured data, applications, and a range of storage systems. We aid our clients in delivering high-performing, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions at a reduced expense.


Data Management

Our Big Data management solutions facilitate efficient migration, storage, replication, and analysis of data. By employing tried-and-tested data management technologies, we ensure our clients' data remains well-structured, readily available, and secure.


Data Visualization

The data visualization solutions we provide enable our clients to augment their presentations and showcase critical statistics in a comprehensible way. Starting from data analysis, we craft solutions designed for creating interactive reports, dashboards, and presentation apps for both mobile and web platforms.


Predictive analytics

Our data mining solutions, coupled with statistical analysis and automated machine learning algorithms, aid our clients in uncovering valuable data contributing to their success. We provide solutions that meticulously and swiftly analyze all data from our clients' designated sources, saving them from the time-consuming task of sifting through masses of information.


Cloud Computing

We utilize cloud computing for Big Data storage, management, and support. Depending on the budget and data security requirements, we recommend either private or hybrid cloud storage options to our clients, allowing them to adjust their storage capacity based on their needs. The use of cloud computing enables us to offer our clients Big Data solutions that are more scalable, flexible, cost-effective, and secure.