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Cloud Services

While the cloud has emerged as a catalyst for transformation, there remain substantial obstacles to cloud expansion, and many enterprises grapple with demonstrating the value of transformation or associating IT value with business outcomes. Apptroid takes a comprehensive 360-degree approach to identify and address these challenges, propelling transformation forward. .

Private Cloud Services

Experience the ideal blend of cloud efficiency and the performance, compliance, and security of private infrastructure, empowering you to modernise and manage your enterprise. We provide a unified, consistent approach across the entire cloud landscape with our dedicated on-premise resources and our seamless integration with public cloud workloads.


Managed Cloud Services

With an unmatched suite of capabilities across public, private, and hybrid cloud, Apptroid equips enterprises with the means to optimize and modernize their infrastructure and applications. This enables them to fully leverage the power of the cloud. In addition, we offer a range of managed services that encompass the entire IT stack. Unleash the full potential of your IT infrastructure with Apptroid Managed Services.


Modern Operations

Apptroid flawlessly merges people, processes, and advanced technology to deliver unrivalled value that builds on your current state, foreseen future needs, and the exact steps needed to optimise your operational processes and maximise efficiency. Our refined operating model is specifically designed to address the challenges and opportunities of today's rapidly changing digital landscape, and is expertly managed to enable sustained business growth.


Cloud Migration

Begin your journey to cloud adoption with Apptroid's Cloud Migration Services. Design and execute the best migration strategy for your enterprise. Lessen the complexities of cloud migration and make your journey smoother with our expert evaluation and seamless workload migration skills. Apptroid constructs secure, repeatable, and scalable cloud environments for you on your preferred cloud platform.


Public Cloud Services

Our tested, standardized, and reproducible services are meticulously crafted to enable you to seamlessly design and deploy your applications and workloads on the best-suited public cloud platform for your enterprise. At Apptroid, we prioritize security and ease of management, offering flexible deployment options that are customized to your specific requirements. From the preliminary design to continuous management, our Public Cloud Services offer extensive, integrated, and full-lifecycle support for cloud environments. These are based on industry-leading practices and are fully in sync with the unique cloud adoption and management frameworks of each hyperscaler.